Design challenge

Outsourcing projects to a third-party company can be painful as communication is inefficient while the progress isn’t transparent. MMP aims to improve communication in outsourcing projects and give project owners a sense of control.



April, 2019 - May, 2019

Personal project

UX/UI design




The problem

Some companies outsource their projects to other companies because they don’t have people, resources and knowledge within their companies.

However, it is usually witnessed that low quality deliverables, delay of deadlines, conflicting objectives occurs with outsourced projects. Effective and efficient communication is the key to solve the problem.



User Research

Simons is responsible for developing a new app with a third-party company. As he is outside the IT industry, he finds it difficult to understand professional terminologies when communicating with the company. Meanwhile, he wants to know the development progress and provide feedback to make sure the development is on the right track. However, the process and communication are both difficult to handle smoothly.




Improve communication and project transparency are keys to improve the experience in outsourced projects. Therefore, the user should be able to supervise the project progress and talk to people responsible for the works as convenient as possible.



User flow and wireframes



Colors and Typography



Project update

The user will receive project update when the project has any progress. He/she is able to check related deliverables that progressed the project.



Project progress

The user can check the efficiency of project progress and learn if the objectives are achieved in time.



Deliverable feedback

The user can view deliverables of the project and provide feedback to the people responsible for the deliverables.


Instant communication

The user can talk to people with the app instantly. The function ensures that the communication is in time and effective.



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